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The new THIRD EDITION of Daily Science adds assessment components, higher level thinking activities, and writing skill development exercises.

When added to its powerful review emphasis, these factors make Daily Science ideal for use with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards

Now available in electronic format for interactive white boards and projection units.

Daily Science is a highly effective program of daily activities designed to review and reinforce important science concepts and skills. The daily exercises enhance any science program, and provide a proven method for teachers to systematically insure coverage of all science areas and key vocabulary, while developing higher level thinking skills.

Daily Science is based on the National Science Standards and contains grade level appropriate activities for each Content Standard. Each warm-up exercise, and assessment component (Grades 3-8), is designed to better prepare students for state and national standardized exams.

Daily Science bridges the gap found in most science programs where key concepts and skills are not covered at each grade level. Daily Science's approach of continuous review and reinforcement through thoughtful questions is an invaluable tool for students as they master and retain core science material, and develop an understanding of science processes and skills.

The Daily Science program has separate manuals and electronic interactive white board/projection discs for each grade 1-8. The program has an increasing number of daily activity strips as students progress through the grades. Strips have one or two activities per day and often include the special components explained below.

Daily Student Activities Per Grade
Grade 1: 100
Grade 2: 240
Grade 3: 272, plus an assessment component
Grade 4: 276, plus an assessment component
Grade 5: 276, plus an assessment component
Grade 6: 288, plus an assessment component
Grades 7 and 8: 144, plus an assessment component

Special Components
Beyond the core content-oriented daily activities, Daily Science provides the following additional strands of science learning development.

Talking Science
This strand provides a vehicle to review key science terminology.

Science Moment
These activities (grades 3-8) provide a strand of open-ended exercises which occur about every ten days, dealing with written observations and applications. Students are expected to recognize and discuss how science that they are learning applies to observations that they might make in daily life.

Think Like A Scientist
This is a set of activities that require written, constructed responses based on applications of science concepts and knowledge in grades 3-8. These exercises require the application of science knowledge to solve a problem or develop an idea. They were drawn from a variety of state assessments, and are critical activities where students must develop, model, and express their work.

Daily Science Assessments
These assessments are a way to carefully monitor each student's progress in learning core science skills and concepts, on a formative and/or summative basis. They are part of the program in grades 3-8. Fifteen quizzes (thirteen at grade 3) periodically assess students' knowledge of previous activities. At the end of each manual, there is also a comprehensive, 25-question grade level test that can be used as preparation for state or national testing. It can also be used in a pre-, post-comparison, or as a final exam for the year.

Teacher manuals also include the answer keys as well as specific suggestions for extending and enhancing the daily lessons.

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