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Arithmetic Developed Daily is a fast and efficient lesson starter designed to review key math skills and concepts. Each daily activity is comprised of three distinct components, including mental math questions, skill development, and a word problem for the day. ADD is a challenging and flexible program that can be used at any time during the school schedule or to begin a math lesson.

The Third Edition has the same great design but there are new and expanded features - a vocabulary feature called "Math Talk," open-ended items called "Concept Corner," expanded "Think About It" problem-solving opportunities, and, at grades 3-8, periodic quizzes. When added to its powerful review emphasis, these factors make ADD ideal for use with the Common Core State Standards.

ADD's systematic skill-building process stresses problem-solving and applications, consistent with the most recent NCTM recommendations. Moreover, ADD's scope and sequence structure is compatible with every math basal used today, and is also ideal for exceptional education or Chapter 1 programs.

The ADD program includes over 100 activity strips in black-line master form for grades K-8, ready to be duplicated for the purchaser's class and cut into strips, written on the board or overhead, or used in student Check-ups booklets.

ADD Math is now also available in an eResource edition to use with an interactive whiteboard, classroom projection system, or individual computer.

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