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The Daily Reading program gives you confidence that your students are becoming proficient and strategic readers. Students work with a wide range of reading skills that will help them capture the meaning of printed words, and all in a quick and easy format that promotes critical thinking.

The program is designed across the following seven instructional areas: Print Concepts, Strategies, Phonics, Structural Analysis, Vocabulary, Comprehension, adn Listening. Your class will work with homonyms, find out the proper sequence of events in a story, learn how to use picture clues, understand silent consonants, and develop and reinforce many other reading skills.

The Daily Reading program features separate manuals customized for each grade 1-6, with Grade 1 having 129 days warm-ups. Included in each manual are a large number of "free-standing" exercises plus ten brief reading passages, each one to be used with 3-6 consecutive lessons.

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